From Reality to Virtual Reality

NuuEDScore revolutionary virtual reality AI service NuuFITMeta Is a 3D augmented reality game changer.

Exploring 3D augmented reality training combined with the meta-verse experience is the game changing virtual reality experience.


Users receive 3D augmented reality training, job readiness and financial management that match their skills. Users learn real-world life and social skills through the NuuFITMeta Meta-verse Marketplace matching users to like-minded individuals and businesses.

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Providing everyone on the planet the confidence to have successful pathways in life with NuuFITMeta.

About Nuufitmeta

NUUFITMETA is excited to provide a new experience with  Virtual Reality

NuuFITMeta offers a unique experience in a 3D augmented reality environment.  Allowing people of all generations to practice in education and businesses tailored to the user’s individual skills and also allows users to socialize in a safe environment that matches you to individuals who are like minded and share the same interest. Combining 3D augmented reality training along with the meta-verse social environments is our revolutionary approach and is the key to long-term success for those looking to shape their lives for the better. The potential impact of NuuFITMeta in all markets will be astounding.  Imagine the benefits that could be realized if this software were utilized in places like schools, workplaces, and more.
Services under NuuEDScore umbrella:
With our new VR Toolkit of services, we offer a fun way to grasp financial concepts, all while using a continuous matching algorithm to best fit them with services and helpful games that further their understanding of financial literacy.

NUUFITMETA is the answer!

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How Does It Work ?

Educators and businesses can upload their own content that converts into a live Visual Training environment. Social meta-verse matching to like-minded individuals.

Our Focus


Financial Literacy


Career Development


VR Service Toolkit

Our Services

We Provide Meta-Verse Training

Emotional intelligence

Self-awareness is about recognizing and understanding your emotions...


Through a social attitude test, users are fitted to shops, lounging and entertainment that fit their market place aptitude...

Job Readiness

The experience economy is rewriting the rules of digital transformation...

Retail shopping

NUUFITMETA business and retail world will be set up so businesses and retail stores...

Business signups

If you are a business struggling for talent, this is the best world for you...

Career walkthrough

Starting an online training we realized after over 500 plus students 95% of the students...

Business ownership

Users will take skill assessments and get matched to businesses that match their skills....

Sponsorship Opportunities

Products placed in our Meta training modules will add value for your product Brand...


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The Need for an NUUFit Metaverse

How NUUFITMETA technology can be a breakthrough

Become the face of the digital revolution
NUUFITMETA is in its early development stage and growing rapidly! If you want to be ahead of the curve, now is the time to start thinking about how you can become a part of our exciting future!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Metaverse is strong in its ability to bring a class together through an engaging activity. Its potential use of technology, online resources, and teacher input makes it a tool that can work.

    Harry John

    I have an excellent experience with metaverse from the day I have joined .During classes they provide individual guidance and support and make sure you have understood the whole concept.

      Priscilla Red

      Great learning from NuuFitMeta!!!You will never loss if follow you NuuFitMeta and also lifetime learning. Live classes are amazing and interactive. Really feel fortunate to connect with NuuFitMeta.

        Paddy Hardy

        Metaverse is best for traders. They teach you the same concept till the time you will not understand it. You can ask your questions at any point of your life and they will <br>answer.

          Tom Sanders

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