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Our affiliate program requires only a few minutes to set up and once you register you can begin earning high commission with minimal effort.

Get paid for your training

If you are someone who wants to provide metaverse training then look no further, we are giving you the best opportunity for you to get paid. Share your skills and get paid for 90% of what you are asking of your package.

Refer & Earn

If you are someone who is not interested in training but looking for some extra passive income then you can easily refer our courses to different students and individuals and can earn 5-10% commission for each of his/her referrals.

Exclusive Software

Our dedicated platform teaches people about different skills using the metaverse and also has the options to track the referrals, sales and related data for the affiliate program.

Our Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated team to support you with all of the training platform, affiliate program, payouts etc. available when needed.


Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate Program


The key to being an affiliate trainer is to be able to record your trainings step by step. Your creating yourself in the meta-verse. All recordings will be matched to your training course. Your course can be Active from anywhere around the globe. The more clearer the more you make revenue.
We’re trainings can upload the training content and have the convert into a training hologram for students to practice in a simulated experience with different scenarios. The simulator gives users the opportunity to practice.
The trainers will create your profile and will upload their trainings to this platform. We have over thousands of students who wants to learn about different life skills. Once they publish the course for every purchase our trainers will get 90% commission.
A profile review is something that helps users to check the quality of your courses or trainings to them before purchasing it. Once one student finish doing the course, he/she can left a feedback and put a rating to your profile. It will help you to get more exposure and also will help new students to get an overview about one’s course quality.

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