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NuuFITMeta, is a platform that can help users develop and practice life skills. Featuring our Simulated VR Training, users are matched to the job or business of matching their personal skillset and will be given the opportunity to train by using VR life simulators in these specific fields. They will also be able to experience visual training on the Skill match and get personal finance simulated visual trainings teach the users to better manage the money associated with their chosen career or business.
Aptitude Test
Users take skills Aptitude assessments to get matched and trained in the field or business that best fits their skills.
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Each training simulator comes with an Avatar trainer that walks them through the training and multiple choice questions that help the trainer and analytics identify your scoring in the simulator and your understanding.
job readiness
Job or business readiness training simulations including interview simulations.
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The Avatar trainer walks customers through different scenarios based on their chosen job or career. The purpose is to make NuuFITMeta disciplines the top candidate for the job.
Financial Literacy
Personal finance simulator based on the job or business. The Avatar trainer takes the user through a simulator on
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how to manage the money that is related to that job or business. The purpose is to help users understand and manage personal finance.
NuuFITMeta market place is designed to match members with like-minded individuals and resources within the market place.
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Through a social attitude test, users are fitted to shops, lounging and entertainment that fit their market place aptitude. Users will be able to spend VBucks and experience team meetups, where you can meet people from around the world. The purpose of the market place is to give members a save environment to socialize and meet like minded individuals. Participants can earn badges and VBucks Points that can be used towards spending in the Market place. Users can share there training simulator experience and points with friends and family.

Bells’ and Whistles

Participants can earn badges and VBucks Points that can be used towards spending in the Market place. Users can share there training simulator experience and points with friends and family.

Business Signups

Businesses have the option to sign up and have their businesses highlighted in the marketplace. Affiliates can also contribute by uploading their business-related training content to keep the platform dynamic and diverse in terms of experiences. There are also opportunities for brand placement and sponsorships to showcase products throughout NuuFITMeta. The purpose of this module is to enable businesses to convert their trainings into a virtual walk-through experience. This presents a unique value proposition for businesses as it provides them with the chance to educate potential recruits about their operations through an interactive and immersive training simulator. Each business training model is equipped with multiple-choice questions to assess the participant's understanding.

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Get Yourself Certified

Construct a comprehensive profile and enhance your skill set through the Nuufitmeta verse platform. Obtain badges to increase your employability and increase your chances of being swiftly hired for your preferred career path. Our platform offers a diverse pool of recruiters from various industries, ranging from small to large enterprises, who are continuously seeking quality talent.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors have the chance to showcase their brand throughout the NuuFITMeta platform. The overall objective of NuuFITMeta is to provide users globally with an app that aggregates resources and offerings that align with their unique preferences. The app simplifies the process of finding resources by offering a "Fit, Find, Scan, and Go" experience, all in the convenience of your mobile device. NuuFITMeta fits you and finds resources to match your needs, all in the palm of your hand.

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